The Benicia Performing Arts Foundation (BPAF) is dedicated to enriching people's lives by presenting diverse, high-quality performing artists, and instruction and inspiration for aspiring performing artists.


The Benicia Performing Arts Foundation is dedicated to promoting the performing arts and education to the community, especially the youth of the community.

The BPAF was developed to stimulate performing arts appreciation through performance and education and to provide performing art venues where performers can perform and the public can come to listen and appreciate performing arts.

Our mission is supported through music, dance, theatre, and the like, to provide performing art venues for the coming together of performers from all disciplines for the purpose of exposure and further development of the performing arts.

We strive to educate and train the public through lectures and workshops in performing arts appreciation, techniques, history, and other areas of interest concerning the performing arts, to upgrade the quality and prestige of the performing artist, to provide teaching environments where performing artists can teach performing art techniques to the pubic both privately and in small groups, and to stage special performing art events and festivals in the community for the general public.